Thursday, October 1, 2009


CAUTION! - please read in a light hearted happy mood

As the blog has ghosts and itiks and kambings i think one of us should slightly blog. the site is currently under renovation due to the hooliganish actions of the itik and also the smell the smell left by the kambing isnt at all pleasent. lol ok jokes aside suf masa ani kan exam iatah ia inda blog no more. he started to stop blogging when he got serious with his gf rite? so leaving all u guys HEHEHE lol (i might get into trouble for that so dont take it seriously) bt seriously rite?! this could be my last post ever in the history of blogging or it maybe not... so whatever. im bored shitless like seriously rite now and i dont really have much to say. so if ur gona read this ur gona be wasting ur time coz it was only slightly funny in the beginning and now its starting to be rediculous.
ok updates...
UPDATE since juneish?
  • Passed IB
  • Partyed my ass off
  • left taiwan =\
  • Got me lisence
  • IM BUMMING (not much of an update where ever i am really)

wow not much has happened since june umm what else? im not that boring of a person. things have happend hmpf lots of things have happend hmpf but but but i don remember xD i hope no one i noe reads this cozzz its shite. not even sure if im gona post it. i think this blog had potential to be the best in the world but sumtimes in life potential aint nothing without pot and a tent. geddit? pot? as in drugs? geddiiit? omg lame holy carap. sorie bout that one. that was the ghost who typed it. I noe u guys have complained that there have been cobwebs and that scares the shit outa me (spiders u noe.. not my favourite 8 legged insect) so do help us *sprayy* some sheltox when u leave comments or chats or whatever u call it in those tiny wittle chat box thingy on the right side too help us move the spiders away to a safer less close to me place. ok if u guys din like this its coz u werent in a happy mood and i cautioned u in bold.

NOTE: If the blog was properly posted regularly i wouldnt feel obliged to do this soooo u guys better start emailing suf to post regularly before i do another one of these HEHEHE

Monday, May 18, 2009

Debate Prelims - Day 2

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Day 2! Ahh for Day 2, I decided to tag along in Mr. Lyndon's car cos the guys kept saying that he drives like Michael Schumacher. He let me down though..tsk tsk haha.

Jah Izzati bugged Mr. Lyndon to play her Shayne Ward CD on the car's CD player. And damn, his voice hardwired itself into the back of my head. The car ride was a stark contrast of the car ride with Mr. Bobby. It was quiet, really quiet. Well, at least that was the case for Mr. Lyndon and I. Everyone who sat at the back were noisy and they talked about...ahh I can't remember! To cut it short, there were non-stop giggles and occasional screechings. It was almost like we were in two seperate cars! haha. But I was really worn out, and the short nap I had felt awesome =p

Blablabla, let's skip the formalities. Mr Lyndon told us to go back to our original team line-up. We knew we had to come up with a good showing, especially against the home team who has nothing to lose with 0 wins under their belt.

To be honest, the SMSA team gave us a good run for our money. I just can't fathom how on earth they didn't win any of their matches. Their 3rd Speaker was kind of like a female version of Hulio (Julius). Passionate, loud and quick-witted.

But..we won :p

It wasn't quite over yet as we needed a favour from MD. We needed them to beat MS for us to gain 2nd place outright. Their debate started a tad late thus I was able to catch its closing moments. It was kind of nerve-wrecking for us as well. And when the results were announced, I couldn't believe I was happy while seeing Mustafa so overjoyed lol (kding man).

And yet another fun long car ride with Mr. Bobby! This time even better. The mixture of relief, excitement and satisfaction was orgasmic lol. We were really ecstatic and laughter filled the car all the way back home. I think I rode the wave of euphoria really well, cos once I reached home and everything settled down, I literally crashed onto my bed!

To be continued again =p

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Debate Prelims - Day 1

Since I'm in the midst of AS and life's been relatively dull, I might as well write down a more detailed post of PTEK's journey in the 13th Brunei Darussalam Interschool Senior Level English Debating Competition.

But before that, I'd like to apologize for the poor picture quality. Twas taken by my phone's camera haha.


I remember our very first meeting/training session when we found out that we were in Group2, apparently the group-of-death. At that very instant, we thought we were screwed. We had the defending champions MD, MS and the host school SMSA in our group. We knew we had a problem. I mean, we're a new sixth form centre venturing into our very first national competition and here's what we got.

For the prelims, we basically had 3 debates in two days with the top2 in each group advancing to the semis. For the prepared debate we were up against MS. The other two impromptu debates - a debate in which we only have 1 hour to prepare everything - were against MD and SMSA.

The training went on for weeks, even swallowing up some of my first term holidays. Mr. Bobby and Mr. Lyndon headed most of the prelims training sessions and guided us very well. It was very much a team effort! We went on and on discussing about the same topic for hours at a time by squeezing every little drop of idea out of our brains. We had a crapload of points and found it hard to cram everything within our designated 6 minutes of speaking time.

The topic? 'This House believes rejects Free Trade' and we were opposing that motion.

The core team members were Jarrod, Julius, Arafath, Azeemah, Jah Izzati and myself. Notice the term 'core' I used? Cos that's what's written down on paper but the whole team was more than that. Lots of the research, brainstorming, awesome ideas and constructive criticisms also came from Vernon and Sheila who I thought helped us a lot! Heck, we even had our own 'Simon Cowell'. (I'm not gona mention his name here though=p)

The day finally came. I can't recall being nervous, honestly. I was just glad that I got to skip classes *grins*.

We had twelve people in the school's entourage for that day. It was us six, Hafiz, Rafi, Sheila (chairperson), Vernon (timekeeper), Mr. Lyndon and Mr. Bobby.

But the team got very little recognition from the school. Well that's what we (and the teachers) thought. Maybe they thought we were pushovers and weren't worth the effort. It wasn't rocket science to figure it out, we weren't even provided an official transportation. We're not that dumb either to not notice all the extra support and attendance we got from the admin only came when we reached the semis and finals, especially the finals. Ah well...Driving and layan-ing talkative teens for 400km+ in two days can get tiring. Anyways, Mr. Lyndon and Mr. Bobby did a great job in that haha.

The competition's all the way in KB and I don't really fancy flattening my butt on long car rides. Well I don't mind if I'm driving though lol. But I have to admit, that that was the shortest 100km+ car ride I've ever been in. Jarrod, Julius, Arafath and I tagged along in Mr. Bobby's car and we had a blast talking about random topics. Topics ranging from religion to sports cars!

We arrived at...11.30? or was it 11? Anyways, we were due to start at 12. But that's 'Brunei time', so we kinda guessed that the first debate was gna start sometime around 1. And hell it did! There must be a huge time difference between the Brunei-Muara and Belait Districts.

For the prepared debate, it was 3 guys against 3 gals. Jarrod went first, I was the second and Hulio, I mean Julius, was our third. The debate went quite well for us, and yes we won (hahaha inda excited lagi). But we were abso-fuckingly ecstatic by then! MS gave a good fight but it was 1 win out of 1 for us.

Had some refreshments soon after that. We had a quick 'post-mortem' session on our first debate and discussed the team line-up for the 2nd debate. You see, there's this rule which states that we have to get at least 5 of the 6 team core members to debate. So Julius and I voluntarily dropped out, pushing Arafath and Azeemah into the first and second speaker's role respectively.

When we found out our first impromptu topic, I knew we were in deep shit. Consequently, we lost against MD. The fact that the topic was against us ain't an excuse, but it didn't help us either. But hey, MD did well!

Remember when I mentioned about 'Brunei time' earlier in my post? We were 'supposed' to finish with all the formalities by 5.30. I reached home 15 minutes before 9. There has got to be a time difference between the Brunei Muara and Belait Districts ey? haha.

For half of the journey home, we carefully calculated our odds of reaching the semis.

MD had two wins, MS and us have a win apiece and SMSA were still empty-handed. We somehow needed to at least get the outright 2nd place by the next day. We were going head to head against SMSA, while MD will go against MS.

But hey, 1 win out of the first day was probably almost more than what he had initially bargained for. The chance of reaching the semis was still alive!

The rest of the way home, we talked about cars and..Russell Peters haha!

Damn, that was a helluva good time!

To be continued =D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13th May

1 paper down!

I was about to write a long entry on the debate prelims but nyeh, maybe next time. It's rather late already.

Zieyah showed me this video quite some time ago, but I was so sleepy I didn't even get the joke. And now, almost a month later, I'm finally laughing at it hahaha.

And here's one of my dad's favourites:

Enjoy! Updates soon =D

Friday, May 8, 2009

PTEK Debate Team

Unbelievable...we won the damn thing! And yes, it hasnt settled in yet. AS is next week, so i doubt that I'll have enough time to even digest it.

I'll keep this post short. I'll make a longer and more detailed post next time.

So, a very big thank you to:

The Debate Team itself: Jarrod, Julius, Arafath, Azeemah and Izzati.

And those who were the backbone of the team: Mr. Bobby, Ms. Joanna (i hope you're reading this miss), Mr. Lyndon, Ms. Breda, Miss Olivia, Vernon, Sheila and Jimbo.

We definitely couldn't have done it without you guys!

And I'd also like to thank all the supporters, you guys were awesomeee! (Y)

I'll miss the whole team dearly! Cos damn I had fun! All that fooood and lame moments. 

13th Brunei Darussalam Interschool Senior Level English Debating Champions!

We worked hard for the challenge trophy, so better not let it go guys!

Monday, April 27, 2009

(Barely) 27th April

Note: This is going to be one helluva random post.
The spherical object to my right says that its 30 minutes past midnight and I'm tied to a chair. My fingers can barely move thanks to the arctic-like conditions. The room's pitch black and to add to the eerie surroundings, Eric Clapton's 'Tears in Heaven' is playing in the background. My only hope of survival lies on the rectangular beam of light that I'm currently staring at...and I think it's called a monitor.

But seriously, I think it truly is my saviour for tonight haha. I can't sleep..I just can't. I think it's just my brain finally accepting the fact that coffee is indeed destined to keep us humans up all night. Sigh everyone else is asleep...except for Nadzri. But again, he's on MSN so the fact remains that my monitor/pc is indeed my saviour for tonight, the knight for to-knight hahaha ok lame. Hey, I warned you so don't complain. Prior to typing '' on my opera browser, I had a thousand and one things in mind. Okay, I'll cut down on the exaggeration. I had a hundred and one things in mind. I just..I just lost my train of thought:/. Fine, I'll stop lying. Just like every other second of a day, I have n-o-t-h-i-n-g in my mind.

-15 minutes later-
Man..this is definitely social suicide. Whatever, anything to make me fall asleep would do. Curses on me for having a lazy Sunday (but I needed it okay).
Astrologically, anything that lies on the +08:00 GMT is already in a new week. So, let me say hi to the Monday Blues..NOT. I'm due to have only an hour worth of lessons later ha-ha-HA! And tuition for today is called off (this time, it wasn't my call). But my first exam paper is in a little more than a fortnight away and the debate nationals semi-finals is tomorrow. So...hi Monday Blues.
Don't you think it's funnyyyyyy that,

Everytime you ask a 7 year old kid the million dollar question of 'what do you want to be when you grow up/what's your ambition?' they always, I repeat, they always, I repeat again, always have a bloody firm answer. But when you ask a teenager or anyone that's on the verge of going to university, they just can't answer that (I'm guilty of this too okay). Most of them will answer with an 'I dunno'. Okay okay for the sake of maintaining justice, some of them do give an answer but there's always that hint of hesitation in their voices. Obviously I was once a 7 year old myself. The frequent answers that my friends and I would usually come up with are like the universal ones, you know, like teachers, pilots and doctors. The more complicated ones wanted to be But hey, my first ambition was to be a doctor. But once hair started to spurt out of my armpits, I decided that my favourite colour was not red. I also fell in love with... travelling and all of a sudden, a pilot took the front seat of my mind. Having an uncle who flies, I've listened to most of his twist and tales. But I just can't picture myself as a married man and being constantly away from my family. Plus, I'm quite fidgety. I just cannot stand being stationary for more than a few minutes.

It's high time for me to make up my mind though. Being an A-level student, I've ruled out most of the cards from the deck through my subject selection and left out a few cards lying face down on the table. Let's just hope that once I flip that chosen card of mine, it'll be a good one :)

Aite I'm a tad sleepy now. Haha I guess I could use this blog as an alternative to my old know, counting sheeps?

Lol nite.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

12th April

Have you listened to Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold? I've never been a big fan of them but this song is something else. I stumbled upon this gem of a song a few months ago and I personally think it has very powerful lyrics if you miss someone dearly. You know, one of those songs which you listen to in the car and can make your mind wander off which will make you seemingly drive the car in auto-pilot mode haha.

Debate Nationals:
We've gone through to the semis! It's more of a relief honestly, since we're a new school (so new, that we didn't have a standard uniform until last week) and billed as the underdogs in what many assumed as the group of death with MD the defending champions, MS and SMSA the host school in our group. 

But our victory in our first match was a massive confidence-booster and although we lost our second match, we weren't going to make 400+ kms in two days and hours of missed lessons go down the drain just like that so we presented, in my opinion, our best performance for the last debate, got the win and earned ourselves a date with PTEM on the 28th :)

The ride back home was full of laughter :D

Part of ze entourage

I'm absolutely glad that the week's coming to an end though. I've got nothing major in store for next week, thank god for that. But I still have the debate thingy majiggy to concentrate on. We've gone this far, so we might as well make the most of it *grins*

Before I head off for dinner, a quick birthday shoutout to Faridah Yahya. Happy 18th woman!

Till then!